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Covid 19

Helping Texas Nonprofits Find Funding During Coronavirus Pandemic

"Living" Excel Spreadsheet: Philanthropic Funds to Support Nonprofits During Coronavirus Pandemic

To my nonprofit friends (and friends to be),


One thing remains constant during this extremely difficult period in our history--nonprofits and local governments are the go-to sources to protect and support communities across Texas. Many nonprofits fear that they won't be able to keep their services going if individual donor support declines or the demands for their services exceeds their capacity through the duration of the pandemic and during recovery. Fortunately, philanthropies and philanthropic giving has already jumped into action, creating specific funds to help support nonprofits, direct service providers, and local governments. 


But for many nonprofits, especially those without development professionals on staff, finding those resources can be incredibly difficult. So I created, and will update twice weekly, a simple spreadsheet of funders (foundations, corporations, etc.) that have pledged to help support the nonprofit community as they navigate the next few months. For now, this spreadsheet will focus on funds available to Texas-based nonprofits. However, if people would like to send me links to resources dedicated for areas outside of Texas, I'm happy to add that as well. 

Things to note about the spreadsheet:

  • All the information included is publicly available on the web. 

  • My goal is to update this two times per week as funding opportunities and needs will be changing rapidly over the next several weeks and months.

  • The most current date for each source will be in the "Date Checked" column. In the meantime, if you have updates, corrections, or additions that you would like for me to add, email me at

  • I chose many of the funders to research for this spreadsheet based on The Grantsmanship Center's list of "Top Giving Foundations" for Texas and the United States.  Others were identified because I have had prior experience with them over my 15+ years in the nonprofit sector. I then simply went to each organization's website and searched until I found any coronavirus-relevant information.

  • Feel free to download the spreadsheet to use for your own purposes. If you do, however, any updates that I make will not be reflected in the version you save to your computer. 

  • Please share widely with your friends and colleagues at nonprofits in Texas and beyond if helpful.

I hope this will be a helpful resource for my friends and colleagues across Texas who are giving their all to support our communities during this time. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me to let me know if you have any suggestions to update or improve the spreadsheet ( 

And thank you for all of the wonderful work that you're doing!



Frances Deviney, PhD

Founder | Consultant

Kula Strategies

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